The destructive impacts of residential schools, the Indian Act, and the Crown’s failure to keep its Treaty promises have damaged the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. The most significant damage is to the trust that has been broken between the Crown and Aboriginal peoples. The broken trust must be repaired. The vision that led to that breach in trust must be replaced with a new vision for Canada; one that fully embraces Aboriginal peoples’ right to self-determination within, and in partnership with, a viable Canadian sovereignty.

Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future. Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Legacy Calls to Action

The “Legacy” Calls to Action address five foundational issues – Child Welfare, Education, Language and Culture, Health and Justice. For over 150 years policies and laws in these core areas have served a colonial mandate of subjugation, repression and forced assimilation that have served to divide indigenous peoples from the rest of Canada.

Reconciliation Calls to Action

The “Reconciliation” Calls to Action”address 15 other issues that directly impact Indigenous people and Canadians across all strata of society:

  • United Nations Declaration
  • Royal Proclamation & Covenant
  • Settlement Parties & UNDRIP
  • National Council for Reconciliation
  • Training for Public Servants
  • Church Apologies
  • Youth Programs
  • Museum & Archives
  • Missing Children and Burial
  • National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation
  • Commemoration
  • Media & Reconciliation
  • Sports & Reconciliation
  • Business & Reconciliation
  • Newcomers to Canada

First Nations

Who are First Nations?

Where are their traditional territories?

What have governments committed to Reconciliation?


Who are the Métis?

Where are their traditional terrtories?

What have governments commmitted to Recponciliation?


Who are the Inuit?

Where is their traditional territory>

What is the Inuit Truth and Reconciuliation Commission?

Where are the Inuit traditional territories