Commitment to Reconciliationiss

10 First Nations in British Columbia

Nov. 7, 2019 – Protocol on Cooperation and Communication signed by 10 BC First Nation organizations and Institutions. The signatories commit to coordinating their efforts to support capacity development in governance and governance administration in First Nation communities in BC. The protocol voices the pressing need to assist all First Nations in BC in moving beyond the existing fiscal relationship with the Crown and the delivery of delegated programs services.  The protocol also addresses the need for relevant and effective information sharing to support First Nations in key fiscal issues, capacity development, and exercising their inherent right of self-determination, self-government, including authorities and jurisdictions. 
The Signatories include:
·       British Columbia Assembly of First Nations
·       The First Nations Summit
·       The Union of BC Indian Chiefs
·       The First Nations Financial Management Board
·       The First Nations Tax Commission
·       The First Nations Finance Authority
·       The Lands Advisory Board
·       The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC
·       The First Nations Public Service Secretariat
·       The New Relationship Trust

The Anishinaabe Nation Gathering

Feb. 6, 2019 – This inaugural 4-day gathering, planned for Aug. 13, 2019 is a joint collaboration between Grand Council Treaty #3 and Southern Chiefs Organization. The intent of the gathering is to re-establish the Anishinaabe Nation prior to contact and breakdown the divisive International and Interprovincial borders.
Grand Council Treaty #3 is the Traditional government of the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3 and represents approximately 25,000 people within the 55,000 square miles of Northwestern Ontario and Southeastern Manitoba. The Anishnaabe Nation Gathering is a historic first, as it will include all Anishinaabe in Canada and United States, involving Elders, youth, men, women and leadership. Language, culture, taxation, trade, jurisdiction and autonomy are some of the areas slated to be on the agenda at the gathering

determiNation: Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) and Osgoode Law School

May 23-24, 2018 – determiNation first-ever Indigenous-led summit that will bring together leaders to create a plan for moving beyond the Indian Act. determiNation is described as a national conference to plan for a new relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples based on rights, recognition and reconciliation. This conference will be structured around the themes of premises, principles, and institutional, legislative, and constitutional mechanisms, with the goal of creating a plan of action.
First, NAN calls upon the Government of Canada to clarify its commitment to repeal the Indian Act and to replace it with a legal and constitutional framework based on a Nation-to-Nation relationship and the principles set out in UNDRIP. 
Second, NAN calls upon the Government of Canada to make resources available to enable NAN to support its communities to develop their own vision for what lies beyond the Indian Act. 
Third, NAN to facilitate a (fully funded) community empowerment process across NAN territory to develop Indigenous laws and practices in areas now imposed through the Indian Act. 
Fourth, the Government of Canada to further develop and expand this engagement to support a national process to assist all Indigenous communities develop their own laws and practices in areas now imposed through the Indian Act. 
Finally, a Community Empowerment Fund should be established by the Government of Canada to support an Indigenous-led, community-driven process for dismantling the Indian Act and replacing it with a Nation-to-Nation reconciliation framework.

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